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Lover Eternal Book Review

Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward

This is definitely a step up from the first book, Dark Lover. The characters are much more intriguing and the plot really begins to pick up, leading to events taking place in book three.


In book two we hear from the brother, Rhage. A fierce fighter with a hidden beast inside him. Afraid to let the dragon out. When Bella brings Mary and John to the Brotherhood Rhage is instantly impacted by Mary. Their enemies are getting stronger and Rhage's beast becomes only more powerful.


I really liked the introduction to John and his entire story. I hope he gets a book of his own because his POV'S always feel a little strange and thrown in when the book belongs much more to Mary and Rhage.


Though book one is decent, book two is so much better. As I said better writing, better characters and darker plot lines. Its easy to become obsessed with this series and I can see why so many people check out this series.