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Stay With Me Book Review

Stay with Me - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

The first New Adult book I've actually LOVED. Stay With Me is my first NA of Armentrout's and naturally I loved every minute of it. It is the third in a series, which I did not know until finishing it. Thankfully it didn't make a difference while reading it but I have already put the rest of the series on hold from my library.


Calla is forced to come home when her druggie of a mother clears out her bank account. The summer is nothing of what she expected. Working at her mom's bar, becoming close to the bartender, Jax. But the worst of it? Learning her mother is in far more trouble then she ever realized.


I loved Calla and I loved Jax. I think that's what makes this NA stand out from the other ones I've read. I finally found one with characters I actually like. Calla has a whole lot of shit in her past and Jax is just the hottie bad boy you want to read about in every romance book.


Armentrout always manages to slip in her favorite Supernatural references - only makes me love her books even more. On to the next one (thank goodness she has so many!).