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The One and Only Book Review

The One & Only - Emily Giffin

Love, love, loved this book. Quite possibly my favorite audiobook because the narrator has the perfect southern accent for the protagonist. Being a football fan helps my liking even more. Emily Giffin knows how to characterize and her newest book proves it. Definitely might be my favorite adult author.


Shea's (pronounced Shay) world changes when Coach Carr's wife passes away. She was the glue of Walker football and Shea's life in general. Her best friend Lucy is devastated. But life keeps moving and Shea finds herself having feelings she never thought she would. Shea is forced to face conflicts and struggles she never would have expected. But her heart will lead her in the end.


Definitely going to be one of my favorite books this year. I loved everything about it, from Miller to Shea's rocky relationship with football star, Ryan James. The ending relationship of this book was a little creepy to me at first but I found myself slowly falling for the couple.


A recommendation to anyone who loves contemporary...a plus if you're a football fan added in there.