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The Graveyard Book Review

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

Honestly? This put me in a bit of a reading slump. I read this several years ago when I was in college and now I remember why I barely remembered it. It just doesn't interest me, the characters, the plot, the setting...a little boring and anti climatic. Is it well written? Yes? Worthy of an award? Yes. Just not for me. 


Nobody Owens lost his family as a young baby. Murdered by a man named Jack. Years later he lives in the graveyard with the "family" that found him. Bod has never left the graveyard before, but when he meets a young girl, Scarlet he wants to see what's out there but his families murderer is still on the loose. 


It sounds like an exciting plot, but it really drags. I enjoyed when Bod finally does get into school and meets new people instead of Silas and his graveyard family. The pictures are stunning and really add to the story. I'm glad I reread it as part of my Newberry award challenge. Something I would recommend to tweens and teens.