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The Girl on the Train Book Review

Dziewczyna z pociÄ…gu - Paula Hawkins

I devoured Girl on the Train in about four hours yesterday. It's addicting, keeps you questioning what is going on and very similar to that of Gone Girl.


Rachel rides the train every day pretending to go to work after she loses her job. Each day she see's a couple whom she names Jess and Jason. When something strange happens she can't help but feel as though she must tell the police. Diving deeper and deeper in Rachel gets stuck in a whirlwind of events.


Man, these are some dark characters- Rachel with her drinking and stalking habits, Megan with her secrets, and Anna even has a scary background. People that want to like their characters may not enjoy this story as much because it is dark.


Though I did love the book and it kept me wanting to read more I have to say the ending was a bit disappointing and for me, a tad predictable. I wasn't shocked.


It's obvious why this book has sold millions of copies world wide and has people talking. Thrillers seem to be a huge hit today!