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Apollyon Book Review

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Definitely my favorite of the series by far and I'm excited to read the next one. Its quite a long series with a lot going on. But, as I expected it took me a few books to really get into. 


Alex has finally awoken and everything has changed. The Gods are angry, her relationship with Aiden is growing stronger and Seth has turned against them all. A trip to the Underworld might be what they need to save them all. 


I think what I liked more about this book is Alex is finally developing. She wasn't obnoxious or whiny for the most part. She's finally done a bit of growing up. Again, I really like Aidan and their steamy fun scenes. 


Armentrout always provides twists, romance, humor and action packed books. If you haven't read anything by her I highly recommend you do!