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Betrayed Book Review

Betrayed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

I did enjoy this one more than book one. The writing isn't the best and there are some stereotypical wordings in these books that I'm not fond of. But I like the humor and it's one of those guilty pleasures. It's obvious why teens may like this supernatural vampire series. Filled with romance, vampiric lust and that added witchy goodness.


Zoey has been at the House of Night for a month now and is in training to be a high priestess. Just when she gets comfortable, deaths begin to occur, to people she used to know in her human life. She can't help but wonder who is making it look like vampires are killing these humans and why they are connected to her.


The "threesome" was a bit annoying and I could have cared less about her relationship with her teacher. Especially since nothing really came out of it. Easily could have done without that entire storyline.


There was a bit of a shock a the end which is why I enjoyed this one more than the first one. I just wish these books were better written. But, they have me intrigued especially with new bad guys in the light. Fans of paranormal romance and a longing for teenage vampires will love the Marked series. But, with its popularity its one I don't have to worry about "selling."