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The Storyspinner Book Review

The Storyspinner - Becky Wallace

Wow, wow, wow. The Storyspinner is one I will be talking about for a while now. I loved every bit of it and was never bored. There are several POV'S which usually turns me off, but each character intrigued me. I wanted to read more about all of them. A fantastically wonderful debut fantasy. 


Johanna has always wanted to be like her father - A Storyspinner, one who magically tells tales. But when he dies that dream is over and now she has the responsibility of taking care of her family, including her younger brothers. She does that by working for the hateful, Lord Rafi. 


Meanwhile Jacare and his team hunt for the assassin who is out killing people who happen to look just like Johanna. Will they be able to save her before its too late?


I can't even tell you which character I like more. They all have their strengths in the end, especially Joahnna, but even side characters like Tex and Leao were interesting to read about and not only that they progress the story. 


It's hard to find a fantasy that's this good in YA now a days. There is that typical romance but it didn't bother me, thankfully no love triangle. And there's a sequel which I'm dying to read - though I'm sure there's at least a year until it comes out. UGH.