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Until the Beginning Book Review

Until the Beginning - Amy Plum

This felt a little underwhelming for the series closure. I wanted a bit more for the big ending. I love the two main characters and their relationship but was hoping the actual plot would have been less rushed and even drawn out more. I know we complain a lot about trilogies, but I think this would have been better as three books instead of two. 


Juneau and Miles are still on the run and still looking for Juneau's clan. After life threatening injuries Juneau is forced to use the Yara on Miles. The truth about Juneau's entire life comes out but is she really ready to hear it?


I dunno, I just didn't like the whole background behind the clan and the drug Whit and the elders used. A bit unrealistic that an entire clan would have this much faith in two or three people.


But, it was a fun and quick read. Someone looking for an adventure story will really like this series. A different and refreshing take on a dystopian setting. Also, the name of the book is pretty perfect. I definitely like it more than Amy Plum's, If I Die books.