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The Return Book Review

The Return - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is my first time listening to an Armentrout book and I absolutely LOVED it. I think I liked Seth's story more than the entire covenant series. I'm not sure why, maybe because Seth is a better character than Alex. Maybe its because I listened to it instead of read it. But I really adored these characters.


It's been a year since the Seth and Alex fiasco happened. For the past year he's been off hunting whomever the gods tell him too. Now he's assigned to protecting Josie. A 17 year old girl who has no idea who she is. Josie soon finds out she's a Demigod and there are some very bad demons after her. Its up to Seth to get her to safety. But of course, there's some sizzling tension between the two of them.


Seth, man Seth is a great character to read about. He has a lot of flaws, he's read like a typical guy with typical urges. But, he's the Apollyon and something more dangerous than a regular guy. But I loved everything about him, especially when we got flashbacks to Alex and the Sentinel series.


Josie is a pretty decent female protagonist as well. She's wants to kick ass even though she only just found out what she is. I liked that she isn't a cry baby, much like Armentrout's other characters.


There is at least another one in this series. And book one doesn't leave on a cliffhanger, in fact I would have been completely happy with it just being a solo book. But, I love these characters enough that I'm excited for more.