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A Spool of Blue Thread Book Review

A Spool of Blue Thread: A novel - Anne Tyler

This is definitely not more normal type of read but I decided to go ahead and listen to the audio book of a Spool of Blue Thread because its been so popular these last months. I really did enjoy it. Especially since it takes place not far from where I grew up. 


This book is about the Whitshanks and their lives in Baltimore, Maryland. It begins with Abby Whitshank falling in love with Red. We see how they fill there home with many adopted children and children of their own. 


I loved how quirky all of the characters were. They each are described so well I could easily picture them. Anne Tyler is a master with characters. This is my first book of hers and I did love it. 


But, its not my favorite out there mainly because I read and listen to a lot of fantasy and fast paced Dystopian. It definitely was nice getting away with that with these quirky characters and I would recommend this to anyone who loves the contemporary genre.