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Scorched Book Review

Scorched - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Unfortunately, Scorched was a bit disappointing for me. Definitely my least favorite Armentrout book so far. There didn't feel like a real plot line compared to Frigid which I really enjoyed.


Andrea and Tanner have always disliked each other. Andrea hasn't even told her friends how long they've really known one another. But one faithful trip to a West Virginia cabin changes everything. But Andrea has been hiding something from Tanner. But its clear to him that she's not well and that things could only get worse.


I dunno, I just didn't really feel for these two characters like I do in most of Armentrouts books. The plot felt a bit rushed as did the entire background of Andrea. I thought she came off as a bit whiny at times as well.


Not my favorite but I still look forward to more Armentrout books in the future!