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Everything Everything Book Review

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

I'm going to be honest here, without trying to spoil the end. I loved 95% of this book but that ending pretty much ruined it for me. I also saw it coming. Anything else happening there would have been better. Maybe you'll need to read it just to know what I'm talking about. 


Madeline has never been able to leave her house because of a deadly disease. She's accepted this fate, is used to only seeing her mom and nurse, is used to taking online classes and not talking with anybody else or seeing the world. She celebrates her 18th birthday the same way she celebrates every year. Then the new neighbors move in and a boy named Olly. Madeline starts to imagine what life could be like if she was normal.


There is quite a bit of romance and definitely insta-love. And that didn't really bother me because I really liked the dynamic between Madeline and Olly. Olly has an interesting background and family life. Madeline experiencing this for the first time at 18 was intriguing. 


But while I enjoyed most of the book, yea, the ending completely disappointing me. I almost through the book at our TV.