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Fangirl Book Review

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

My first full book of 2016 and its a reread! I read this a few years ago shortly after it came out. I definitely liked the audio book more and liked the overall story more the first time around I gave it five out of five stars the first time and immediately went out to buy it afterwords (which almost never happens). 


Cath is not ready to go off to college unlike her identical twin sister, Wren. Cath just wants to stay in her Simon Snow world (one of the most popular book series in the world). But real life isn't letting her. Then she meets Reagan and what she assumes to be her boyfriend, Levi. Everything seems to be falling apart for Cath. But maybe in the end, she has made some friends. 


My favorite thing about this book is the Cath and Levi relationship. I adore everything about Levi, from the way Rowell describes him to his funny attitude and his quirkiness. The two really are perfect together. 


What annoyed me more the second time around? I read Carry On last year and really didn't like it. And this time around I really could care less about Simon Snow and Baz, I skim read or skipped most of those parts. And it really didn't matter much to the story either way. That and Cath is a bit too naive for her age. I mean, really, turning in Fanfiction for a top level college writing class. Get over yourself.