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Secret Sisters Book Reviews

Secret Sisters - Jayne Ann Krentz

One of my reading goals for 2016 is to branch out and read more adult books, mainly mysteries and contemporary. I thought I would start with a newly released mystery that is getting checked out quite a bit in the library. 


Madeline was attacked and nearly assaulted as a young girl. After witnessing the death of her attacker at the same age Madeline's life was never the same. Years later, as an adult she is back on the island after learning about her grandmothers death. But she soon discovers it wasn't just a death but that her grandmother was murdered. 


This wasn't as thrilling as I had wanted it out to be. The first few chapters are but Secret Sisters ends up being much more of a character driven novel then a murder/thriller mystery which is what I wanted. 


I did enjoy this one and will recommend it for someone looking for a new mystery to read, but I'm hoping my next book in this genre is must more heart pounding.