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Uprooted Book Review

Uprooted - Naomi Novik

I definitely enjoyed this more than not. But I'm feeling a bit conflicted. There were parts I really really liked. Then there were times I felt a bit bored and wished the story had almost been cut in half. It's over 400 pages.


The people of Polyna are used to young girls getting taken by the dragon every year. He doesn't eat them, he enslaves them in his tall tower and makes them into what he pleases. This year, everyone is sure Kasia is the one to be taken, she's perfect and talented, just what the dragon desires. Everyone is shocked, including Agnieszka when she is the chosen one. She's taken from her family and locked into the dragon's tower, only to realize her destiny is not at all what she expected.


The writing is quite beautiful and words flow really nicely. I'm glad there isn't a triangle in this Grimm type fairy tale. The dragon is an interesting dark character resembling that of typical fairy tales.


There seems to have been some argument on whether to classify this as young adult or adult book. My library has it in the adult science fiction area, and I think rightfully so. It's a bit violent and delves into some subjects that might be a bit much for a 15 or 16 year old.