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Maybe a Fox Book Review

Maybe a Fox - Kathi Appelt, Alison McGhee

Maybe a Fox is a poignant, heartbreaking story of love and loss. I loved this book. The characters are beautifully written and its easy to feel their pain. I really hope to see this one as a Newbery contender or even winner. 


Jules has always looked up to her older sister, Sylvie and wished she was as confident as her. But then one day, Sylvie doesn't come back, just like her mother. It's just her and her father. Jules doesn't understand how she is supposed to move on without her sister. Then the fox appears, a symbol of luck. And their stories are intertwined through grief and nature. 


I loved how easily the authors were able to twine the fox and the child together. At first it seemed random but it closes out very nicely, and in such a heart wrenching way. Maybe a Fox reminds me of my favorite childhood books like The Bridge to Terrabithia and Where the Red Fern Grows. 


This is sure to be a favorite among schools and libraries. And while I loved it I don't think its the right book for every child out there as it is sad and it is about death. But for the right child and for the right reader, this is a beautiful story.