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From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess Book Review

From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess - Meg Cabot

3.5/5 Stars. This was super adorable and a fun, quick read. I can see a lot of young girls loving this story, dreaming of being a princess and finding out they actually are one! It also deals with some somewhat heavy issues of middle school, bullying and being terrified to even go to school because of it. 


Olivia has always had a fairly normal life. She's a twelve year old just entering middle school. But now she finds out Annabelle, one of the most popular girls in school hates her! And she has no idea why. Except, she finds out her whole life is a lie and she may actually be a real life princess! 


I liked Olivia. She has some diversity in her which is nice to see in children's literate. She has some really good friends. I know a lot of people will relate to her wanting to find out who her father is. 


Meg Cabot was able to weave in many good plot points and themes into this one. I do really want to read the newest one to this series. And will definitely recommend this to young reader's looking for fairy tale/princess stories.