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Mr. Lemencello's Library Olympics Book Review

Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics - Chris Grabenstein

3.5/5 stars


I really love how much this author has a thing for public libraries. His inclusion of the Dewey Decimal System, electronic gaming, banned books, librarian in charge and popular children's books are just one of the many things I love about this series. Its clear he knows his stuff and is able to incorporate it well with the storyline. 


Kevin and his friends are hometown heroes for winning Mr. Lemencello's first library games. And now? He's back at it with a new version....the library Olympics! This time its bigger and better than ever. Competitors around the world will be joining Kevin and his friends to compete for the gold medal (and free tuition..) But not everything is as it seems, not everyone is happy with the games and someone is out to close the library and stop the Olympics from happening. 


There are some great new characters that are library experts in this new addition to Mr. Lemencello's fantastical library. The game is fun and allows child reader's to figure out the clues along the way. 


While I really enjoyed Library Olympics, I definitely prefer book one. But, its a super fun story and a great way to get young readers involved in libraries!