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Find Her Book Review

Find Her (D. D. Warren) - Lisa Gardner

2.5/5 stars. 


This is my first Lisa Gardner book as I am trying to read more mysteries this year. I can't say I'm a fan. Find Her was a lot darker than I thought it would be and I just really didn't enjoy the premise of this book. Its pretty much about a woman who gets kidnapped more than once within ten years...a bit much and a bit unrealistic to me?


Flora Dane was kidnapped years ago by a brutal and vicious man named Jacob (if that's even his real name). And now five years later she's reliving that nightmare. After everything she's been through Flora feels like she has to redeem herself and save others in peril. 


Detective D.D. Warren has been put to the case when she learns of a man being burned alive and finds Flora Dane on the scene, previously kidnapped Flora Dane that is. And now, Flora is once again missing. 


I didn't realize that this is part of a series. Did I feel like I missed a lot not reading the first seven? No, not really. However, I do feel that if you really want to get to know Detective Warren you should probably read the others. 


My biggest issue with this book is that it felt excruciatingly repetitive. Flora is constantly in a box and constantly reliving the same nightmare over and over that I became bored of it. How much pain can one woman really stand?


If you like gritty books with dark violence (but not torture porn) you will probably very much enjoy Lisa Gardner books.