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Black Widow Book Review

Black Widow Forever Red (A Marvel YA Novel) by Margaret Stohl (2015-10-13) - Margaret Stohl

Listening to the audio book this really felt like a drag. Not a whole lot happened and for a story about a bad ass female super hero I was super bored. I didn't like the first of the Beautiful Creatures so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I ended up not liking this one as well.


Ava, a young teenager has a bad past and a connection to Black Widow, or Natasha Romanoff. When the past comes to meet her present she finds that the same bad guys are out to get her. Except this time, Alex, a boy from school gets involved. Three are put into a game of hide and seek trying to get away from the ones who want Ava.


The two teenage characters, Ava and Alex were very dull. I didn't like their relationship and felt that there was little to no connection but of course they fall in love pretty quickly. And Natasha just seems kinda of there most of the time but not necessarily important?


I expected so much more for a story about Black Widow. Maybe next time?