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Something Borrowed Book Review

Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin

1.5/5 stars...


I truly did not like anything about this book. I've loved some of Emily Giffin's books and have been a bit disappointed by others. I didn't expect to loathe one. I guess I was supposed to sympathize with the main character in this story. But I really detested her by the end, and don't get me started on the male "protagonist."


Rachael has always been second best to her longtime, best friend Darcy. With school, work and of course boys. When Darcy and Dex got engaged she was secretly a bit devastated. Then a drunken night in bed with Dex changes everything. The lies grow and grow.


Ultimately, its a story about cheating and be awful to your friends. Rachael doesn't seem to even like Darcy most of the book but still claims to be her long time friend. And Dex? A cheater - something I'll never sympathize. Even the twist in the end was again about cheating.


I will definitely not be doing the second one in this series as I don't think I can stomach another book about these characters.