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Ivory and Bone Book Review

Ivory and Bone - Julie Eshbaugh

So I went from reading Crooked Kingdom to Ivory and Bone.  And I could not stand the writing style of Ivory and Bone. Not to mention its just boring. 


Kol lives in a tribe where he keeps his family safe, his brothers and his parents. Then Mya and her family arrive and he's immediately taken by her. Kol learns more about the history between the two clans and the history creates tension and even danger. 


Mya in this book is written as "you" and "your." I personally think it made the characters seem more distant and the writing very awkward. It just didn't work. 


Not a whole lot happens through most of the book. I would have loved to see better interaction between Kol and his brothers -- I love reading about siblings in YA literature. But even that aspect felt very bland, and again I think this has a lot to do with the way its written. 


It does if anything, have a really pretty book cover....