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Defending Taylor Book Review

Defending Taylor (Hundred Oaks) - Miranda Kenneally

I've only read a few others in this series, but this is definitely my favorite of them. I just loved the story line and especially the characters. Kennelly did a great job with the relationships in this one, from the boyfriend to the siblings to the parents.


Taylor had everything going for her, an excellent private school, set for Yale, a 4.2 GPA and captain of the soccer team. Until she gets kicked out and is sent to Hundred Acres,  a drug scandal that might ruin her father's re-election. Being stressed about school and wanting her parent's approval, Taylor has to wonder if she was even happy in the first place?


Defending Taylor did a great job with showing teens that it is important to have fun, relax a bit and enjoy being a teen. Yes school is important but its not everything. Be who you want to be.


Taylor is a great character, I'd say my one dislike is that I found it a bit disbelieving that she would really go THAT far to hide the secret she did...I know I wouldn't.


Fun characters and a quick read. Definitely interested in the rest of the series now.