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The BFG Book Review

The BFG - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

This is a re-read of this wonderful children's classic. I watched the movie the other day and really wanted to read the book again. I listened to it this time around and found the narrator to be wonderful.


Sophie is snatched from her bedroom at the orphanage one night by a giant. Luckily this one is friendly and his job is to snatch peoples' dreams. But not all giants are friendly, there's several big nasty giants that snatch many children all over the world. Its up to the BFG and Sophie to stop those giants!


A great adventure story for children. Dahl is truly a master of writing. I listened to Maltilda earlier to this year and loved that one as well. They seem to do a great job of making his books into movies. Both the BFG and Maltilda followed the plot nearly to the word which was nice to see.


I do think I enjoyed this more as a child than an adult. But it really does have great themes all around as well as silly moments that one can relive over and over again.