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Like a River Glorious Book Review

Like a River Glorious - Rae Carson

This was a super fun read and I thought it was better than the first. A bit of the same plot line but still adventurous and exciting. The entire plot rides on the fact that the reader is going to absolutely loathe the major "bad guy." And it definitely worked for me. 


Leah, Jefferson and the gang have made it to California in search of the gold mine. The problem is Leah's uncle is still after them and as cruel as ever. When Leah and her friends are kidnapped from by her uncle they must do everything they can do to survive. 


Its very easy to picture yourself in this time period because the author describes it so well. My biggest complaint is I think the fantasy side could really just be taken out of this series. It doesn't really do anything to move the characters or the plot along.