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Whispers in the Dark Book Review

Whispers in the Dark - Maya Banks

I am on such an adult romance kick right now and I'm a bit obsessed with the KGI series by Maya Banks. They are all so much fun and a quick read. Definitely not something that's necessarily a "well written" read but I so enjoy it for what it is, trashy romance. 


Nathan is trapped in a cave being tortured by enemies. The Kelly brothers have been looking for him but to no avail. Nathan finally thinks he's gone crazy when he starts hearing a voice, Shea's voice. But when she saves his life and he's back with his brothers again he know's he has to find her and save her from whoever is after her and her sister. 


Mhmmm...I love the Kelly brothers. I do like some more than others. And Nathan is one of my favorites. There wasn't really anything to dislike about this book. Its fast paced, has some paranormal fun, romance and a hot protective brotherly family. What's not to love?