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Reason To Breathe (The Breathing Series, #1)

Reason to Breathe  - Rebecca Donovan Emily (known as Emma) is just trying to survive in the beginning of the book while living with her cruel Aunt and Uncle. Being abused emotionally and physically. We see she's a strong, stubborn headed girl making straight A's and playing varsity sports so she can go to Stanford and get away from it all. The only person who knows is her best friend Sara (the most popular girl in school). Emma would just like to be forgotten.

That's been going well until Evan Mathews appears. He won't leave her alone constantly bothering and pestering her. Yes, its predictable on how that situation goes. But I really did enjoy reading about these two. Evan is a great character. Who is easy to fall in love with.

There are characters easy to fall in love with and characters easy to hate. For me, that's what made this book "enjoyable" (though something of this strong topic is hard to call enjoyable). I had a hard time putting it down and easily read it in a matter of four or so hours non stop.

Though, the writing style isn't the best I've read. A lot of Emma's thought's bothered me. I suppose it might be because I really can't relate at all to this situation. I found myself more reading it more for Emma and Evan than the actual heavy topic of the book.

Be warned, there's a big cliffhanger! Make sure you have that sequel right after you finish the first one (Luckily, I do!) Onto some more reading!