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The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray All the awards to Libba Bray for this mighty novel. It's a long one! I listened to it, all fifteen disks but definitely worth the length and not boring for a moment.

This will be the second series of Mrs. Bray's that I've read. I did read The Great and Terrible Beauty Series in high school, barely remember it, but do remember really enjoying the entire series. And boy am I glad did I try another one of hers.

Evie, our main character heads to NYC after a bit of trouble back at home. It's the 1920's people! This being my favorite part of the book. The language is beautiful, words and phrases that I've never heard of (not a history bluff) and loved. They fit so well with the plot and story. Making me feel more a part of the 1920's.

The characters. Oh, the characters. Boy are there a lot of them. Usually, I find multiple character views annoying and not well written. But this book wouldn't have been nearly as fantastic without them. From Uncle Will, Jericho, and Memphis, to Mable and Theta. Each character gets their turn and has amazing, wonderful stories, and character development throughout.

The bad guy might be my favorite. Naughty John, a ghost from the past with a hell of a story and creepy as anything. Seriously, some parts of this book left me terrified. Even more so because I listened to it, form the signing of his little tune, to the multiple murders throughout.

Now, I did give it five stars because I loved the writing and the characters so much. That's not to say this book is perfect. Jericho, a character you meet through Uncle Will has such a bizarre background, which we don't find out until later in the story. I really didn't like it. It almost felt that it was from another book and time period. Some of the ending actually felt quite rushed to me, especially the big bad fight off with the evil. But it was still enjoyable.

Highly, highly recommended. You definitely want to like to read for this one, mainly because of its length. But its, so, so worth it. In fact, listen to it if you can....very excited to see whats in store for the sequel and our special Diviners.