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If You Find Me

If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch Carey and her younger sister Janessa lived in a trailer in the woods most of their lives with their neglectful and abusive mother. They are suddenly thrusted into society living with their dad. A story of neglect and abuse as told in flashbacks by Carey. Throughout wondering why she doesn't remember being kidnapped and what happened to make Nessa so silent.

I really really enjoyed this book. It's a straightforward story but a well written one. The mom is unfortunately quite believable. A mean half sister with excellent character development by the end of the story and a boy who might have something to do with Carey's past. It's a story all about character and that's where it's strength is found.

One major flaw for me was that both girls seemed wise beyond their years. Knowledgable about major issues and facts yet clueless about the smallest things. I really don't think two girls living in the woods would be that motivated to study books and teach themselves.