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Breaking Point Book Review

Breaking Point - Kristen Simmons

I really had trouble getting into this the second time around. I remember loving it the first time I read it this summer, but something about it bored me a little whereas I found the first one easy to re-read.


Ember and Chase are still on the run after escaping in the first book, Article 5. But this time around Code One is put into place. Ember is made to look like a killer and anyone can shoot to kill if she's seen by the MM. Making anyone that resembles her a target as well. Rumors of a sniper and the mysterious leader Three surround them.


Ember has certainly grown and her character has developed. She is no longer the whiny, young, naive, Ember we saw in early in the first book. The resistance has changed her, her capture changed her, and her relationship with Chase is changing.


It does leave you wanting more. Assuming we finally find out who Three is, who the real sniper is, and whether or not the resistance will concur....Allegiant left me feeling somewhat disappointed and I'm really hoping this trilogy does not do the same.