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Dead End in Norvelt Book Review

Dead End in Norvelt - Jack Gantos

Written by Jack Gantos. Read by Jack Gantos. About Jack Gantos. I think he likes to talk about himself.


An enjoyable humorous/adventure story about Gantos' childhood. As he turns twelve, Jack's summer is officially over, his mother has grounded him for life. Only allowing him out to help their friendly elderly neighbor, Miss. Volker, who writes obituaries for the the town's newspaper. Norvelt (a small town in Western PA) is full of original elderly women who keep passing away. Is it innocent or is murder involved? Jack becomes involved in one wild summer.


This book is perfect for middle school boys. It's funny, it has history, it has mystery, and it has adventure. Gantos does an excellent job in making you laugh. Chock full of imagery and fantastic characters that are most likely dramatized for good storytelling,


The audio book: I love it when authors read their own books. You really know its exactly how the author imagined the characters sounding. Especially since Gantos is playing his younger self. He's funny and dramatic. It's a quick listen and very entertaining.