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Trash Book Review

Trash - Andy Mulligan

I finished this about five days ago and I hardly remember half of it already. Unfortunately, that's how little this book meant to me.


In a an unnamed third world country everybody hunts for trash. They're poor, they have no money, most of the kids don't go to school, they need to work instead. It's a communist country with a controlling president and an unforgiving police force. One day on the trash mound a pair of boys find a bag with money, ID, and a picture of the mans family. The police want it and are offering big money for it.


What turns into a whirlwind adventure in finding out what the money is, who this man is, and why the police want it. Wrought with liberalism opinions, and politics that do leave you thinking this story left me rather bored.


There were so many characters that I honestly don't remember half their names at this point. Each chapter switches to a different viewpoint with characters of all different ages. That's where I find its weakness. I had a hard trouble getting into the story because I couldn't connect well enough with the characters. By the time I started to enjoy said character, the story would switch back to a different one. Someone twice their age not even in the same spot.


Some people may enjoy this story because it is different, it does focus on the poor and makes you feel for those in third world countries. But, it just didn't do it for me.


Audiobook: When they introduced several readers I became really excited. I really enjoy books that read almost as a play with different voice overs talking back and forth to each other. But that really wasn't the case with this one. Each reader read their own chapters (and did well on their own)  but they read the other characters within their chapters which really deviated from the point of having several readers available.