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Dark Metropolis Book Review

Dark Metropolis - Jaclyn Dolamore

*How I came to have an advanced proof of this lovely book: My mother works at a local bookstore in MD. The owner asked me to read the book and give her a feeling on what I felt about it and if the writing is decent. This review is done purely for my own pleasure in hopes that others will read it come its release date.*


That being said, I'm pleased to say I was rather pleasantly surprised by Dark Metropolis. The writing is simplistic yet flows beautifully and makes it a quick and fast paced read. I certainly had trouble putting it down!


It has fantasy, it has romance, it has suspense. Because of this, I hope Dark Metropolis will really bring in quite a lot of fans come June 2014.


Sixteen year old Thea lives in metropolitan Germany where people are disappearing. Sorcerer's are common in this world but are heavily controlled by the government. When Thea's sick mother gets taken and her best friend, Nan, goes missing, Thea is discovering a world of secrets along with the boy she meets along the way, Freddy. But he's not exactly who she originally thought she was.


It's a gorgeous plot.


But, my one problem with this book is that I honestly had trouble figuring out what time period we were in. I looked on goodreads about halfway through and the author and blurb has a big post about it being in the 1920's/30's era. That being said when you look up Metropolis you see that it is a 1927 German sci-fi movie. It could just be me being clueless on what the 20's and 30's were all about but I have a feeling the average YA reader might have the same difficulty. There are little hints like the lack of technology throughout the book and a bit of the language. But I think you have to do a little research to really get a gist of the time period.


I am very glad to have been able to read this ahead of its release date. Certainly one of my new favorite young adult books out there. Easily looking forward to more by Jaclyn Dolamore.