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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

This was a long one to listen to. I honestly am so glad I'm done listening to it. I have a feeling if I tried to read the actual book I wouldn't have made it very far. 


In a world much like our own, not in the future nor the past, Vamprisim is an epidemic. The government keeps vampires in Coldtowns (major cities). They're locked in with very few ways to get out. Anyone can get in though, especially if you think you're turning. 


We find 17 year old, Tana, waking up in the bathroom in the aftermath of a party. She finds everyone of her friends dead. Throats slit, killed by vampires except her jerk of an ex-boyfriend, Aden, and a mysterious boy, Gavriel. Gavriel's a vampire and Tana and Aden might be turning so they're headed for a Coldtown. 


The plot sounds amazing. At least I thought so. But unfortunately, at least for me, it dragged...a lot. We find Tana constantly flashing back to when her mother was turned. With random chapters switching to her sister Pearl and what its like back at home while Tana is on the run. 


Even the trip and many parts of Coldtown dragged for me. Its halfway through the book and we're only 24 hours from where we first started. Barely anything was accomplished until the end. 


I did really enjoy the first couple chapters as well as the last couple chapters. While I generally like character development the excessive flashbacks and random character changes bored me. 


It would have been better if it focused more on the changing into a vampire aspect, the evil-ness of Coldtowns, maybe vampires aren't celebrities for once, and more animalistic vampire action. 


What's a very cool plot just turned rather bleh for me. I wish I could say otherwise. Some may enjoy the really slow, long, detailed story happening only in a matter of weeks. 


Audio book: As I said before, the only reason I finished this is because I listened to it. The reader has a beautiful soothing voice and was able to pull off various accents, especially, Gavriels. There was music added in to try and make several scenes seem more suspenseful. I loved that added bonus! Especially with the music at the end indicating when a disc is finished.