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Ashen Winter Book Review

Ashen Winter - Mike Mullin

*Spoilers for Book One*


This is the type of book you become easily frustrated and annoy with. But in a very good way. Mike Mullin knows how to write in a way that relates to all types of people describing humanity at its best.


We find Darla and Alex where book one left off, at his Uncle's house with his sister and cousins. They've become comfortable in this little sanctuary until gang members come by with one of Alex's Dad's gun. And so they leave the comfort and are off again to find his parents. In what becomes non-stop, breathtaking action, chapter after chapter, humanity is seen at its worse and most realistic points. Drastic measures are taken when loved ones are lost.


Its a hard book to put down because you're reading to find out about beloved characters, which I hated seeing separated, but also found necessary. We meet new characters, Alyssa and Ben, brother and sister, Ben being autistic. Definitely a plus for me, especially being able to put myself in Alyssa's shoes as I have an autistic brother. Glad to see something different in a post apocalyptic world.


The constant searching did get a little repetitive and almost too much for me. Things do get wrapped up rather nicely at the end and I'm very excited to see what happens in the third and final book since it looks like we're getting a little bit of a different plot-line this time around.


A definite one to remember and to add to my readers advisory list.