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The Return of Rafe MacKade Book Review

The Return of Rafe MacKade - Nora Roberts

This was so much fun! It's a cheesy, fast paced, simple, contemporary romance - perfect for Nora Roberts fans. I, myself, have only read the ARC copy of The Collector (which came out earlier this month.) What's great about Roberts is she writes in all genres, romance, fantasy, mystery, etc. This is my first of her romance novels and I know I'll be picking up more.


Rafe MacKade has returned to Washington County, MD after ten years. His bad boy reputation still stands. He's back for good though; especially when he meets local Regan Jones and they immediately hit it off.


With tension strong between the two, domestic abuse featured with Regan's friend Cassie, and Rafe's brothers' (Devin, Jared, and Shane) making several appearances this story is never boring.


Though, a simple and rather typical contemporary romance, its definitely what Roberts does best. The writing flows well and her characters are very enjoyable to read about.


I especially liked reading about my home area and its historic Civil war aspect. It's easy to picture where these characters are and how it represents them.


My one complaint is that the narration is all over the place. Though, I think that's quite common for romances like these and really why I only read one or two every so often.


Looking forward to finishing this series and reading more by Roberts. Definite recommendation for those who are fans of the romance genre.