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Friday Reads (4/25/14)

The Waking Dark - Robin Wasserman Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II - Mitchell Zuckoff

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The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman: I loved listening to The Book of Blood and Shadow so I'm very excited to be listening to The Waking Dark. It's creepy, horrifying, and bloody. I started disc 5/11 on my way to work this morning and will probably be finishing disk 6 tonight. It's very hard to predict the direction of this book and I love it!


Frozen In Time: My first non-fiction! I only just started this earlier in the morning. On chapter two and finding it really interesting. I'm definitely loving how the set up is with describing places and how things worked during that time period - I'm certainly clueless in that area!


To read:


On my pile at home I have Under the Never Sky (finally!) and Amy and Rogers Epic Detour. Probably won't get to them until later on next week. But, very excited for both! To listen to next I have Margaret Peterson Haddix's Found series (book two) I really loved the first one. Also have Sapphique, the second book to Incarceron. Some pretty exciting books to look forward to!


What are you reading this weekend?

What are you looking forward to reading next?