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Sabatoged Book Review

Sabotaged - Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is probably all I'm going to get through in this series. I believe there are at least six, but...I personally have no interest them, there really wasn't anything I enjoyed about Sabotaged. However, I'm giving it three stars because I know its a series I'll easily recommend to middle school students (for I'm much too old to really be able to enjoy the adventure and comedy in this one).


Jonah, his sister Catherine, and another one of the adopted children, Andrea are sent back in time during the Lost Colony and the Croatian Island time period. Based on the stories behind John White and the croatoan symbol found on wood, Jonah, Catherine and Andrea must do all they can to make sure history doesn't change itself - if only things were ever that easy.


I'll start by telling you what annoyed me. First of all, no Chip. Chip who was such a big character in the first two books is just not in it. His name isn't even mentioned. After being a big part of finding out who they really are I severely missed his character. Certainly weakened the plot for me.


Second, too scientific on the time travel. Sure, this will interest people, but for me, it felt very, very repetitive. In fact, I have a hard time telling you what happened because I really felt like nothing did. Just the three kids going back and forth talking about tracer's and what would happen if they changed time.


Why I'll recommend it to middle school students? They eat this stuff up. It's funny (in a middle school humor type of way), has adventure, has time travel, has history (I felt it necessary to look things up), and is really a very good all around series for any child in that age group.


Easily a good series to keep in mind for reader's advisory but not one (at my age) that I'm interested in continuing. Especially since its one of those series that seems to go on forever.


Audio Book: Pleasant enough but nothing really stood out for me. Probably because I just didn't enjoy the book that much. The audio didn't raise the bar in any way.