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The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die - April Henry

This was a quick and easy read - taking me about two hours to breeze through. There isn't anything original about it (Bourne Series anybody?) but I enjoyed it for what it was, a fun, fast paced thriller. Though, its probably not a book I'll remember this time next year.


She awakes in a cabin in the middle of the woods and she's not alone. There's two men arguing about wanting to finish her off - to kill her. She doesn't remember who she is. But within the first ten minutes of waking up she finds out, she's old enough to drive, can kick ass (hence why the man with the gun is now passed out on the ground), and has done it before. Who is she and why are people trying to kill her?


There isn't a whole lot of background in this story, it's basic plot and thrill. Perfect for some young adult readers. If you're not looking for a complex storyline or characters you'll love this book. That's probably why its on our county's high school reading list. It'll get teens reading - and for that I love.


It really isn't my favorite book out there. I do like complex plots and I do love character, character, and more character. This book lacked it. So, depending on what you're looking for, this is either something you'll enjoy or a book you just won't fall in love with.