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Fat Kid Rules the World Book Review

Fat Kid Rules the World - K.L. Going

This was enjoyable and a really different take from your typical viewpoint in young adult literature. I'm not fat, I don't have a lot of large friends (and 100% have nothing against people that are), so I'm not sure how well I am able to appreciate this story and really have a good understanding on how realistic it is. But, I like it for what the concept stands for, there are teenagers who are large and have to deal with that fact every day, people judging them, etc.


Meet Troy Billings, 17 years old, 6 foot 1, and nearly 300 pounds. He lives in New York attending a high school where he doesn't have a single friend. To put simply, his life sucks. Then he meets Curt, a drop out, a druggie, but a guitar legend. After a white lie Curt wants Troy to be a drummer in his band, his life is irrevocably changed..for good and for worse.


K.L Going has some decent things going for her in this story. Troy is an interesting character that people can relate to. I haven't read a whole lot of books about people living in the middle of a large city, much less them being 300 pounds. It also deals with teenage drug use.


While I liked the concept, the issues things fell flat, the story ended too early...I wish things would have been solved nicely, leaving you with some sort of feeling and clear message the author was giving. Instead I feel mixed up, are we sending a message about not doing drugs, sending one that being in a band is cool, to ignore people's judgmental views on fat people? It kept me entertained but not totally amazed.


Audio Book: Extremely short and lasting only five discs I finished this book on my trip to and from Pittsburgh-normally about four hours (especially thanks to traffic). I loved how enthusiastic the reader was, I could easily picture the characters and their attitudes, though, I didn't really appreciate the foul language.