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Die for Me Book Review

Die for Me - Amy Plum

Another one of those books that fit into the paranormal teen romance genre. Much like that of the Twilight Series and the Lux series. Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy has supernatural powers.


That being said, I enjoyed it for what it is. Much like of the Lux series. This is a fun and speedy read. Nothing difficult or overly painful to deal with.


Kate and her sister, Georgia have moved to Paris with their grandparents to get away from everything that reminds them of their parents deaths. Kate is depressed, she won't get out of the house, she stays in her room all day reading, and refuses to get better. Until one day she meets the elusive Vincent and the two quickly fall in love. She quickly learns that Vincent isn't normal...her life is about to be changed forever.


This series reminds me more of Twilight then anything. I didn't really fall in love with either Kate or Vincent. In fact, much like Edward, I find Vincent a little creepy, he stalks her, randomly knows her number, and is technically old.


There was a point when I was obsessed with the Twilight series, and I know if I had read this series when I was younger I probably would have fell in love with it as well. Worth reading, and because I have the second one one me, I will continue. Something to keep in mind for teenaged girls looking for yet another paranormal romance book.