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No Limits Book Review

No Limits - Lori Foster

*I received this ARC from my mothers bookstore*


My first Lori Foster book and I'm in love. Rich characters, deep storylines, lots of angst, and of course some fun steamy scenes. This book has everything. And I honestly wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do.


Cannon Colter, a fighter, has come home after hearing about the death of a good friend, Yvette's girlfriend. Of course he knows he'll be able to see Yvette, who left him three years ago after a traumatic incident of being kidnapped and saved by Cannon, the two are now co-beneficiary of the pawn shop owned by Yvette's grandfather. They have to rehash old relationships and work together to figure out what to do with the pawn shop.


Filled packed with angst heart wrenching, heart pounding, and steamy scenes Lori Foster knows how to write a romance. Cannon and his fellow fighters are extremely easy to fall in love with. Cannon is certainly a saint and the man of many girls dreams. The writing is superb and the characterization is on spot.


This is my first Foster book and I'm looking forward to many more by her. I especially can't wait for the next book to come out. I'm going to assume we'll be hearing from another sexy fighter in Cannon's group.