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Dorothy Must Die Book Review

Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige

I was all for this book, especially in the beginning. It's unique, rather morbid, and a cool twist on a well beloved classic fantasy.


Amy Gumm pretty much hates her life in Kansas. Her mom's a druggie who doesn't care about her, she barely has any friends. Life just sucks. Then the tornado comes and she finds herself in OZ. But it isn't the OZ she once read and watched about. The monkey's are wingless, the Munchkins are no longer happy, the lion likes to kill. And she's told its all because of Dorothy. Henceforth it becomes her mission, she must be the one to kill Dorothy.


The morbidity of it was fantastic. The lion being creepy and killer, Dorothy being just a plain bitch. Danielle Paige knows OZ well and was able to easily twist it into something creepy


The issue for me was that it dragged, a lot. Its quite a lengthy book and most of the time I felt like I could easily skim read. The ending is quite disappointing as well. I was expecting to be left off with a bang but definitely felt the opposite.


Those who love twisted fantasy stories will want to easily check out Dorothy Must Die.