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Game Book Review

Game - Barry Lyga

*Spoilers for Book One*


I liked this book, the second book in the I Hunt Killers trilogy about as much as I liked the book one. Which means its just okay. It's a long one at about 500 pages that could easily be made into about 300. There were parts of the book that I definitely skim read just to be done quicker.


Jasper Dent, known as the son of serial killer Billy Dent is on a new mission. This time he's helping the cops out in NYC. Another serial killer is on the loose. This time even more disgusting then the first time. The big question is? With Billy out of jail is he the one doing the killings to get close to Jasper?


Yea, so we have a young teenaged boy helping out the cops again. A little unrealistic? Sure. But that didn't even bother me. Nor did the morbidity and the grossness of the book, because, people there are some gross scenes mainly the discussions and views of several crime scenes. 


The problem, for me anyhow, that once you get used to how gross and unrealistic some of it is, its just boring. Long discussions on how serial killers think and why they kill, what Jasper can do to stop it. Then we bring in Connie, the black girlfriend (once again, more diversity in YA books)....


I did like her POV for the most part. But near the end she did a lot, I mean a lot of stupid things that you can't help but shake her for them!


And when it finally began to get exciting (in the last maybe fifty pages)...it ended. There is a bit of a cliffhanger and I'll probably read the next one just to see how things close up. But this definitely isn't one of my favorite series out there.