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Corralled Book Review

Corralled - Lorelei James

My trashy romance read for the week.


This was terrible. I picked up the newest one in the series on a whim and enjoyed it. Dunno if I'll read any of the others after this. 

Scythe - Neal Shusterman

I have a lot of mixed feelings on Skythe, its very unique and for that I liked it. Plus Neal Shusterman can definitely write. I found myself a bit bored throughout this one though. It took me several weeks to finish which is unusual. 


Citra and Rowan have been chosen to train to be Skythes, known to us as grim reapers. In a world where gleaning is normal, Citra and Rowan have to figure out what is the right thing to do and how they can survive. 


I think it is one I will remember for it being different, I just wish I was more into the story and these characters. Overall opinion? It's a slow one. 

Nine Ten: A September 11th Story Book Review

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story - Nora Raleigh Baskin

Having read Falling Towers about a month ago I can't help but compare the two. Nine, Ten: A September 11th story fell very flat for me. I got a bit emotional reading Falling Towers. This one was a bit boring, the only emotions I really felt was reading the author's own experiences and why she wrote the book. 


Four different characters, four different locations. All affected by one day that many remember in our time period 9/11. Starting off on September 9th we learn these characters stories and what they were doing up to the point of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. 


The actual 9/11 part in this book was really only a few pages, for me, I think that was a big downfall for this plot. 


This isn't a happy topic to read about (especially since I am old enough to remember this day) but I think books like these are important to share to children who won't know of this event except for by textbooks or reading. If I had to choose one for them to read, it'd be Falling Towers. 

Long Way Home Book Review

Long Way Home - Katie McGarry

3.5/5 stars


I liked the first half of this book much more than the second. It definitely dragged a bit and the constant I love you, I don't love you, I need time, etc. started to annoy me a bit. That being said, I really love Katie McGarry's characters. She's always able to suck me right in with her stories.


As a whole I like the Pushing the Limit series better but this motorcycle series is fun. Loved the way some of the characters from Pushing the Limits made its way into this book. I'm definitely looking forward to more by McGarry 

Milk and Honey Book Review

milk and honey - rupi kaur

This is a pretty popular book right now but it just made me feel a bit gross and weird after reading it. I thought it was pretty horribly written. The poetry didn't flow well, it felt more like text messages than anything. The pictures were super creepy as well (but I suppose that's the point). Just not for me.

The Cellar - Natasha Preston

This was poorly written. It reads a lot like a fanfiction, to be honest. The main character, Summer, does some pretty dumb things and I found myself rolling my eyes a lot at her. It did keep my interest and I enjoyed the fact that we got a look into the creepy kidnapper. But other than that its not one I would recommend.

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B Book Review

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B - Teresa Toten

This is a book about character, and it has really really good characters. Its one of those haunting books that you will remember. It discusses many teen and adult issues, like cancer, death, OCD, etc. I really loved it. The audio book is especially great to listen to.


Adam is in a group for people coping with OCD. There he meets a girl named Robyn. And he makes friends he never thought he would have. His home life isn't easy though, he has a little brother battling disease, divorced parents and a mom who can barely take care of herself much less him. When the threatening letters start to come to his mom he wonders if he can keep it all in.


I think a lot of kids can relate to the many themes and ongoing scenarios in this book. Whether its dealing with OCD or divorced parents. I picked this up on a whim and I'm really glad I did.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon Book Review

The Girl Who Drank the Moon - Kelly Barnhill

This is an odd little book and I can't decide if I liked it or not. Very different and very unique, if anything its worth checking out just because it is different. I read it since it recently won an award....

Ghost Book Review

Ghost (Track) - Jason Reynolds

The audio book for this is so flipping good, easy to see why it won the Odyssey. It gives great characterization for the story, I don't think I would have enjoyed this as much if I'd just simply read it. 


Castle Ghost has always been made fun of because of his first name, so he goes by Ghost. He lives in a rough neighbor and is afraid to tell his classmates. His coach gives him a second chance when he retaliates once again in school by having him join the track team. Little does Ghost know, its about to open a ton of new opportunities for him.


What a great theme. Ghost is such a relatable character to kids now a days, growing up in a rough neighborhood, having a weird name, having trouble in school, etc. etc. Reynolds is a master at children's literature and I fully enjoyed listening to this one. 

Wrapped and Strapped Book Review

Wrapped and Strapped - Lorelei James

I definitely liked this more than not, but I'd probably give it even more stars if it was better written. A lot of it, especially since I listened to it, made me laugh out loud because of the poor quality. But I enjoyed it for what it is, a hot and fun cowboy romance. 

Short Book Review

Short - Holly Goldberg Sloan

Short is a super cute children's book that I think a lot of kids can relate too. Its funny, has a great theme and perfect for theater kids. The main character, Julia is very short and starts to get mad at the world, especially when her mom makes her try out for the Wizard of Oz and she's cast as a munchkin. Soon Julia realizes how much she can do no matter her size. A quick and enjoyable read.

It Had to be You Book Review

It Had to Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Okay, I was expecting a good fluffy sports romance with this one. And that's definitely not what this is...at all. There were some creepy sexual assaults scenes, some douche bag characters, and overall it was just a really bizarre mixture of romance and just contemporary that didn't work for me. I might try the next one in the series to see if they get any better but its not something I'd keep in my back pocket to read again, or recommend for that matter. 

Juana and Lucas Book Review

Juana and Lucas - Juana Medina, Juana Medina

This was adorable and offers a wonderful learning experience for young children The illustrations are vibrant, the characters are fun, and I love the emphasis on learning a new language to visit the many countries that are out there. Well done. Fans of Judy Moody, will love this story of Juana and her dog learning English and traveling to America. 


It offers many opportunities for children to learn new vocabulary as well as a bit of Spanish language. The illustrations are sure to draw their attention to this lovely book. 


Will definitely be recommending this to families at the library. Its such a great readers advisory book. All ages are sure to love it. 

Word of Mouse Book Review

Word of Mouse - James Patterson, Joe Sutphin

This is a super cute elementary/middle grade book. Its very reminiscent of Beverly Cleary's Mouse and the Motorcycle series. I think kids are going to love this, plus its James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, my guess is mostly Grabenstein.


Isaiah has lived in a factory all his life. But when he escapes his family gets left behind. Now he's on his own and no to mention the color blue! But then he finds a whole big family and a girl named Hailey. Just maybe he'll find somewhere to fit in and get his family back again.


I'm really loving all of Grabenstein's books, I loved Jacky Ha-Ha, which was also written with Patterson, the library Olympics are so much fun and I'm looking forward to anything he writes because Word of Mouse is another great read.


Perfect for children of any age, especially if families want to read it together.

Illustrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book Review

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition - J.K. Rowling, Jim Kay

I took my time reading this lovely, gorgeous edition of Chamber of Secrets. I'm so excited for the later books to be in illustrated versions. They are just so stunning. The illustrator really makes it feel like a whole new story with the pictures added. No matter how many times I read these books, it never gets old. 

Towers Falling Book Review

Towers Falling - Jewell Parker Rhodes

Those of us old enough remember where we were on 9/11. I was in sixth grade, excited when our teachers told us we got to go home early as the rest of my peers were, and confused when they said it wasn't something to be celebrated about. I don't remember the days following or the days before, but I will always remember certain details of that day. 


Towers Falling does an excellent job of teaching young children about an important and tragic day in United States history. A young girl, Deja lives in New York in a new school and new friends. Their teacher starts to teach them about 9/11 and other times America was attacked as September rolls around. Deja never noticed until now, 15 years past 9/11 that her father was getting sick every year around the same time, every year around September. 


I love the oeverall theme of this book, we are all family, we are all there, as Americans to take care of one another. Its about children learning this through a horrible tragedy in history. I felt very emotional throughout this books, when the children learn about the planes flying into towers, wondering why terrorists hate Americans so much. A question, many of us still wonder today. 


Towers Falling is a short but powerful read. One I would recommend to teachers and librarians wanting to teach about 9/11 and the importance of accepting one another.