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Where We Belong Book Review

Where We Belong - Emily Giffin

My first Emily Giffin book and I have completely fallen in love her with her writing. This was a pleasure to listen to and is the type of book that leaves you smiling.


Marian has the perfect life, she's a successful producer and writer of a hit TV show, in a great relationship with her boss (something she originally promised she'd never do), and she's happy. Almost making her forget about the secret she kept from everyone, except her mother, her now 18 year old daughter Kirby.


These characters are absolutely wonderful to read about, every single one. From Marion to Kirby, Peter and Conrad. And even the friends in Kirby's life, Belinda and Philip. I honestly loved every single one. I think that's what Giffin does best. She writes incredibly strong characters that everyone can relate to, even if you can't relate to the situation their going through.


I also loved that it switched back and forth from Kirby and Marian. I've never read a book dealing with a mother and daughter as main characters. What a twist it made.


I know, I for one, will be reading every other book Giffin has written. I hope they're as great as Where We Belong!


Audio Book: I really liked this reader and hope she does many of Giffin's other books. The clear distinction between Marion and Kirby chapters made it all the more enjoyable. Clear and clean intonations with fun and perky styles of speaking.