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Dark Lover Book Review

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward

So, I actually just finished listening to the third book. And realizing I barely remembered book one and two I decided to restart this series from the beginning. Which, in the end wasn't really completely necessary. It's obvious this is a series that gets better with each book. The characters and plot lines strengthen as does the writing.


Beth was living a normal life in Caldwell, New York. Protective police officers always having her back and working with them being a huge part of her life. Until one night she meets a man named Wrath. She quickly finds out he's not a man at all and part of the Black Dagger Brother's. A dangerous but fiercely loyal group of vampires.


This really read like your typical cheesy romance with the vampires added in. I enjoyed it but didn't love Beth or Wrath. I easily skimmed a lot of this book and am afraid that most of this series is going to be repetitive. Each brother being very very similar to the next.