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Salem's Lot Book Review

Salem's Lot - Ron McLarty, Stephen King

I had heard quite a bit of talk about Salem's Lot before starting it. Mainly that it's quite terrifying to read. While I did enjoy it and found it a bit disturbing I just wasn't scared. Because of that I can't help but be slightly disappointed.


Ben Mears has moved into the Jeruselom's Lot and moves into the old mansion sitting at the top of town. It doesn't take long to notice that something isn't quite right. There's a disturbance at night and when a young boy goes missing and another one dies everything begins to enfold.


I definitely appreciate Stephen Kings original adaptation of evil vampires. It's absolutely what I've been wanting to read in a young adult book for a while. However, for some reason, I thought this book would be about ghosts and demons not vampires.


Its somewhat of a slow build with a ton of characters. Once you get past the descriptions and character driven chapters its a hell of a ride.