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The Testing Book Review

The Testing - Joelle Charbonneau

By far my least favorite dystopian novel. Frustrating and very anti-climatic. I'm sure there are people who will love this series I just have no interest in continuing it.


Cia has always wanted to attend The Testing, a well known series that the government leaders choose specific people to attend. If you make it you get to go to University. Cia wants to follow her father's footsteps and make it to University. Five Lakes colony hasn't had anyone tested for years and when her father's warnings become apparent Cia must do what it takes to survive.


The testings for me were really quite boring. Nothing climatic happened and I didn't feel the intensity of the situations like we do in The Hunger Games and Divergent series which this one was so obviously trying to be.


I'd recommend to anyone looking for more dystopian books but just not my favorite one out there.


Audio Book: Probably a big part of the reason why I didn't like this book. The narrator was extremely dull and had very little accents, change of voice or enthusiasm.